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Encumbrance certificate

இந்த பதிவை தமிழில் படிக்க இங்கே அழுத்தவும் :


Encumbrance certificate (EC) is a certificate that is provided by Indian state governments which contains all the basic and important details of a land /Property.

Importance of EC:

If you are the person who is going to purchase a property, then by looking into the details of EC you will get lot of details. If you know the Survey number /Document number of the property you get information such us,

  • The legal owner of the property,

  • The Year of last registration followed by registered document number.

  • Previous Document number (PR number).This is also called as mother document for the current document. If this is left blank then the current document might be the first one.

  • Current legal/financial position of the property such as Loan / under lease/under any civil cases.

  • Area of the property.

  • History of the property i.e., the past owners of the property which means you can get details about the first original document of that particular property. This is very important to cross check your land area. Whatever the area mentioned in the first original document will be considered legally.

  • Market value of the property.Though it may not be accurate in rural properties ,in urban properties these market values actually decides the maximum loan amount eligibility.

  • Address of the property.

  • Actual geography of property which explains the land border such as adjacent lands/roads (i.e., what is there in the front, back and sides of the property).

For all the above reasons the EC has been made mandatory for any registration in India.

Online services for EC:

To prevent the fraudulent acts and to create more awareness among public many Indian states created separate portal for viewing and downloading the EC through online. The EC data available online from 1970 to till date(It may vary depends on document and location).With this service, by sitting in any corner of the world, citizens can easily access the property detail. Tamilnadu is the only one state in the whole India made these data available online , which is totally cost free service for accessing EC data’s.These service saves lot of time and middle broker charges.

Still many states don’t made this service online for which the user need to visit the respective government offices directly and collect the EC manually.

Below are the state wise links for viewing the EC online:

Tamil Nadu: Inspector General of Registration - Tamil Nadu - tnreginet ›


Registration Department - Govt. of Kerala › pearlpublic


Kaveri Online Services


eEncumbrance Statement - Telangana Registration › ...




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